Italy anti-vaccine protests

This item appears on page 5 of the December 2021 issue.

A protest in Rome against a law requiring evidence of being vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering most buildings turned violent on Oct. 9, resulting in injuries to 38 police officers. Rioters broke into the headquarters of the workers’ union CGIL, which supports the law.

The protest was led by a Neo-Fascist group called Forza Nuova, the leader of which was one of 12 people arrested during the protest. During the protests, members of the group assaulted Policlinico Umberto I hospital, where one of Forza Nuova’s members was being held while receiving medical care, causing staff to have to barricade the hospital doors.

Though many countries in Europe have passed laws requiring proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, shops and venues, Italy’s laws were among the earliest to go into effect, having started on Oct. 15.