Where is he taking us?

By Mary Hesse Jenkins
This item appears on page 23 of the June 2021 issue.

This month’s winner is MARY HESSE JENKINS of Santa Rosa, California:

Many years ago, I hitchhiked from Egypt to Morocco with my boyfriend. In Nabeul, Tunisia, we were picked up by this fellow about 30 years old. His English was only fair, but he mentioned something about Christmas and having a wife and two babies and not much money.

After about 15 miles, our driver veered off the main road and went down a dirt road. I whispered to my friend, “What is he doing? I’m scared.”

A little way down the dirt road, he stopped the car, opened the trunk and got out an axe. I was almost crying. I was petrified.

The man sauntered off into the forest, then came back with a Christmas tree. How do you spell RELIEF?!

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