Prefers Mobile Passport app to Global Entry

By Kathy Shindel
This item appears on page 12 of the February 2022 issue.

After reading an article about the Mobile Passport app, I tried it in 2018. Using the app on my cell phone, I loaded my passport information, took a selfie and, on the night before a return flight to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) from abroad, completed the normal form required for entry to the US.

As soon as I had cell phone service upon landing at DFW, I opened the app and hit “Send.” Within seconds I had approval for entry. I passed by the lines of people at kiosk screens, including Global Entry kiosks, and went straight to an Immigration agent. All I had to do was show my approval on my phone plus my passport and my driver’s license. It was so fast and easy!

When my cruise in 2020 ended early due to COVID-19 and I had to fly back to the US, I breezed through the Los Angeles airport using the app.

At both airports, there was no line specifically for those using the Mobile Passport app, so I was directed to join the Global Entry line.

The app works at select ports of entry when arriving by air or cruise ship. The website,, says it works at 29 airports and four cruise ports.

I now pay $14.99 a year for the Plus version, but the basic version is still free.*

I’ve had Global Entry ( and TSA Pre ( since 2013. I carry my Global Entry card when I travel outside the US, but I doubt that I will pay to renew it; the Mobile Passport app is far cheaper.

I’ll continue to renew my TSA Pre, which gives me a Trusted Traveler number ( and makes the security screening process so much faster and easier.

Tucson, AZ

*If using the free version of the Mobile Passport app (which is available from the App Store and Google Play), a traveler must reenter their personal information each time they make a declaration. By paying for the Plus version, a person’s information is saved for all future travel. Also, the paid version is ad-free.