Contributing Editor: Rick Steves

Rick Steves


Since 1973, Rick has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. His mission? To empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable and culturally broadening.
Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series and a public radio show and organizes small-group tours that take over 20,000 travelers to Europe annually. He does all of this with the help of a hardworking, well-traveled staff of 100 at Rick Steves’ Europe in Edmonds, Washington, near Seattle.

When not on the road, Rick is active in his church and with advocacy groups focused on economic justice, drug-policy reform and ending hunger.
To recharge, Rick plays piano, relaxes at his family cabin in the Cascade Mountains and spends time with his partner, Trish, son, Andy, and daughter, Jackie.

Find out more about Rick at and on Facebook.