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The Wheel of Fortune. ’Round and ’round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows. Here are the winners of our “Where Were You in 2010?” game. But, first, I digress — in the spirit of the moment, however.

I remember being in the famed Casino at Monte Carlo, Monaco. The roulette tables were overflowing and then I saw a sign saying, “The American Room.” Curiosity captured me and I went off to see what this “American Room” was. I peered in. All slot machines. Ugh!

Last month in this...


Here are the results of ITN’s latest annual “Where Did You Go?” This for the year 2010.

Now, in years past, we held it down to sovereign nations only. We didn’t want to look like others who recognize 325 or so entities, as the list just gets too unwieldy, but this year we didn’t put in that requirement, so you’ll have to wade through a few more.

Yes, we know that Sicily is part of Italy and that Tahiti is in French Polynesia. Whatever the readers put down is what we recorded....


In next month’s issue we’ll have the results of “Where Were You in 2010?” and I’ll announce the winners from among all the entries. Seeing where other travelers have been may give you some ideas for your next venture.

I had a letter from a reader who said he had been to every country on our nations list. Sadly, I misplaced the letter. Would you write again, please?

In the first few months of ITN’s existence, 35 years ago, we really needed photographs to print. I was at a...


The ITN game currently in play is “Which Countries Did You Visit in 2010?” There will be a bevy of prizes for the lucky selectees. E-mail your entry to or write to Country Game, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818-1940. Be sure to include your name and ZIP code. Don’t be tardy; deadline is February 28, 2011.

We’ll also be offering prizes for the winners of our next essay contest. In 300 words or fewer, write on “I Prefer Paris.” The deadline for that is...


We’ll have details of our new game, but, first, results and winners of the latest one. It was asked, “Which airline did you use in 2009 to fly to an overseas destination?”

The winning airline, by far, was Lufthansa. Then came Delta, American, United and Continental. Doing very well, considering their small size (compared to others), was Air Pacific.

Here are the winning subscribers and the prizes they’ll receive: Jean Kuftinec, Bedford, NH (three-year subscription to ITN); Ory...


There is a hobby that could be considered a cousin to travel, and that is Amateur Radio. Your voice can go to the far reaches of the globe, prompting responses from people on the air, and you never leave your chair.

In the US there are about 650,000 FCC-licensed Amateur Radio operators. Upon passing an examination, they each were issued their own distinctive call sign, the prefix of which identifies the country they are in.

For example, US call signs begin with W, K, A or N....


Our current game (with prizes, as usual) is “Which Airline Did You Fly Overseas With In 2009?” Entries to: Airlines, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818-1910, or to Don’t forget to include your ZIP code. And, remember, our current essay contest is “I Love London” in 300 words or less. Here’s your chance to let your creativity flow. Deadline for both of these is 21 November 2010.

To give some of you a head start on your favorite place, our future essay...


The searchlights brighten the sky, the band strikes up a sprightly tune and down the red carpet come the winners of our “Who Did You Cruise With In 2009?” game. (At the end of this column are details on the next game and a new essay contest.)

Winners and their prizes are as follows: Earl Kessler, Fairfax, VA (Lifetime ITN subscription); Ann and David Litten, Savannah, GA (three-year ITN subscription); Charlotte Olstead, Redwood City, CA ($50 Magellan’s Travel Supplies gift certificate...