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To reemphasize what I mentioned in the last issue, promise yourself (with rare exception) to never “zoom” again. Instead, your first shot should be a wide-angle one that “establishes.” Then turn off the camera. Reframe for your medium shot and take it. The shot following that will be the close-up.

A goal (not always accomplished) is for every shot on your video to be good enough to stand alone as a still photograph. Which means you just can’t wave that video camera around willy-nilly...


The quality of video cameras is skyrocketing and the prices are dropping like a rock, thus many people are buying them for the first time.

This month’ s note is not meant for ITN’s erudite and urbane readers. Their storytelling abilities are such that (we’ ve heard) Steven Spielberg is considering throwing his cameras in the river and becoming a stockbroker in Siberia.

No, this is for you to photocopy and mail anonymously to your friend who just had you sit through two hours of...


Aroll of the drums! A blare of the trumpets! It’s time to announce the winners of our “Where Were You In 2009?” quiz.

Lifetime Subscription to ITN: Neil Johnson, San Jose, CA; three-year subscription to ITN: Fern Malila, Oakton, V A; $50 Magellan’ s Travel Supplies gift certificate: Janet Ellis, Plano, TX; two-year ITN subscription: Dorothy Morris, Honolulu, HI; ITN wristwatch: Russ Crum, Canton, MI; one-year ITN subscription: Kathy Wilhelm, Cary, NC; an ITN hat: Arlene Lichtenstein,...


An American couple was visiting Germany. At dinner, the waiter asked if they would like a drink first. The man said, “Dry martini.” His wife said, “Dry martini.” The waiter brought six martinis to the table.

A Canadian was traveling in Australia. In Sydney, his taxi was in a horrible accident. When he woke up in a hospital, he realized he was covered in bandages from head to toe. He saw a nurse and said, “Did you bring me here to die?” She replied, “No, you were brought here yesterday...


Have you been to England, France, Italy, Egypt, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and (for our many non-US readers) the USA? Then you have followed in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg, the intrepid traveler from the Jules Verne novel “Around the World in 80 Days.” And, thus, you qualify for the International Travel News “Phileas Fogg Award.”

We must charge $7 for the award, which is printed with your name. When you factor in the postage, the large envelope holding the 81⁄2"x11"...


Have you been to ALL of these: France, Italy, Germany, UK, Mexico, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Austria, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Chile, Switzerland, Argentina, Egypt, Netherlands, Russia, Australia and China? A total of 21 countries.

If so, you qualify for the ITN GLOBETROTTER Award. It’s a very nice certificate, highly suitable for framing and stirring feelings of envy among your friends.

And how about these additional 22 countries: South Africa, Costa Rica, Portugal,...


At first glance, it might appear that this month’s subject matter is off our usual topic. But you may find that it could well impact your travel plans.

Would you like to hear about an investment plan that pays 36% a year with NO risk? The most recent person we heard of who was offering such was indicted in federal court in Sacramento, CA, on October 29, 2009.

While Bernie Madoff got the big headlines because that scam was so huge, smaller schemes are going on all the time, in...


From the Mailbag:

Tom Dickenson, Ann Arbor, MI, wrote, “ITN is a fabulous publication and the bargain of the century.”

Hmmm. From that astute judgment, I can only guess that he is the Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. (Or if not, he should be.)

Steven Cole of Lowell, MI, said, “I have canceled all my subscriptions to other travel magazines (the slick ones) because there is more advertising disguised as editorial matter than...