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Bless You! Bless You! Bless You! How wonderful you are!

In late December, ITN mailed out a survey to 1,000 subscribers selected at random. It was a many-questioned survey asking about your travels in the year 2008, and the results will be presented to potential advertisers. We received 869 replies!

Almost 87%! In survey circles, that is considered better than outstanding.

To put that in perspective, another magazine (not in the travel field) that brags about how...


Due to the recent horrendous Post Office price increase to magazines, we now must charge $2 per issue on a one-year subscription.

About the same as you pay for a glass of iced tea in a restaurant.

We think the abundance of Travel information you find in International Travel News is more valuable than half a latte at Starbucks.

A woman called up to complain, saying that she could get another Travel magazine for $12. I fought the urge to say that they know what their...


Like the sunspot cycle, there is an issue that periodically rises up among our readers, so every five years or thereabout I address the topic.

Within the text or immediately following some articles written by ITN staff or columnists there may be a notation that the author’s travel was complimentary or provided at a discount. The host/provider might be a travel company or a national tourist office.

After printing such an article, we at times hear from some readers comments like...

Reader Survey Here are the results of your voting on “My All-Time Very Favorite Country”: 1. Italy 2. Britain 3. New Zealand 4. Turkey 5. France 6. Australia 7. Switzerland 8. Thailand 9. Germany 10. China 11. Egypt 12. Ireland 12. Austria 14. Spain 15. Greece 15. South Africa 17. India 18. Israel 19. Japan 20. Kenya 21. Viet-Nam 22. Scotland 22. Burma 24. Bhutan 25. Mexico 25. Nepal 25. Botswana 28. Russia 29. Bali 30. Portugal 30. Morocco 30. Canada 33. Singapore 33. Indonesia 33.... CONTINUE READING »