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Many ITN readers who are addicted to international travel find themselves, periodically, in discussions with relatives, friends and acquaintances who express not being able to understand the lure, attraction, charm, etc., of international travel, particularly to very adventurous, challenging destinations.

How should the international travel addict respond?

One thing is certain. It makes no sense to ever try to force your love of international travel down someone else’s...


by Randy Keck (Third of three parts, go to part one or part two)

The final portion of my February-March 2011 exploration of Kenya and Tanzania began with a drive from Ngorongoro Crater to Olduvai Gorge, where Mary and Louis Leakey painstakingly excavated the remains of some of the first humans to ever walk the Earth in an upright position. Many of their fascinating finds are on display at a small museum overlooking the gorge.

We continued on to the Serengeti, Tanzania’s...


by Randy Keck (Second of three parts, go to part one or part three)

My tour of Kenya and Tanzania in late February 2011 continued with my flying from the Masai Mara back to Nairobi, where I had lunch at the Carnivore Restaurant, known far and wide for its meat-on-a-spit selections which are hand carved at tables by roving waiters.

Reunited with my guide Nickolas, we departed on the rather uneventful four-hour drive to Amboseli National Park, noted for its vast herds of...


by Randy Keck (First of three parts, go to part two or part three)

After experiencing many enjoyable visits to Southern Africa over the years, in late February 2011 I finally had the opportunity to visit the East African wildlife safari stalwarts Kenya and Tanzania. My solo journey was partially hosted by longtime ITN advertiser Sita World Tours and, with a few additions and minor modifications, was similar to their “Kenya and Tanzania Highlights” tour.

The focus...

Peja streets have room for all.

by Randy Keck (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing through Kosovo in October 2011 as guests of the American Tourism Society, our group of three journalists traveled from Pristina to Peja via the enthralling Rugova Gorge, one of the country’s most scenic attractions.

We stopped at Hani Restaurant for lunch and meetings with local tourism officials and were able to savor the beautiful display of fall colors lining both sides of the gorge. We enjoyed a meal featuring trout and other...


(part 1 of 2 on Kosovo & Albania)

Is the tiny country of Kosovo in the Balkans a viable tourist destination for Americans? This was the question on my mind as I traveled to the world’s newest country, separated from Serbia only in 2008, as a guest of the American Tourism Society (ATS). ATS had invited me to attend their annual conference, being held in Pristina, Kosovo, in late October 2010.

ATS is an organization of tourism professionals representing all facets of...


For countless trips around the sun, my discourse on subjects of interest to international travelers has required constant diligence to keep from lapsing into preaching to the choir. It is my choice to risk that, on this occasion.

Many ITN readers are among the most traveled humans on the planet, while countless others aspire to be included in that grouping. Few of us have completed all of our international travel goals, despite our efforts and intentions, and, for many, even coming...

The impregnable, 13th-century Caerphilly Castle
I spent three hectic days in London in March 2010 as part of a small press contingent being hosted by Visit Britain and Ireland. The next stage of our journey began as we departed the city by rail from Paddington Station bound westward to Cardiff, capital of Wales. After a two-hour journey, we arrived in Cardiff and were immediately transferred to the waterfront for an extensive, behind-the-scenes tour of the state-of-the-art Millennium Centre, a truly world-class entertainment venue.