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The alluring Frederiksborg Palace outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, back when free-range exploration was in flower, sans social distancing. Photo by Randy Keck

Even in this period of pandemic and travel restrictions, I’m happy to keep sharing travelers’ contributions (with my own comments added, where appropriate) in this series on On-the-Road Travel Tips. So please continue to send in wise, creative or unusual tips on anything that makes your travel experience work better for you while actually traveling. (Write no more than 125 words per submission; see the end of this column for where to write to.)


Mel Rabinowitz...

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes — architectural splendor on high in Lourdes, France. Photo by Randy Keck

It is truly heartening to have such an enthusiastic response to my request for readers’ favorite On-the-Road Travel Tips. This is the third part of this series. Keep those travel tips coming (limit, 125 words per submission; see contact info below), and we will print as many as possible (with my own comments added, where appropriate).

Lyndall Urquhart (Pembroke Pines, FL) — My travel tip is that I discarded my backpack for an across-the-body handbag. I still have both...


Last month, I presented the first batch of the On-the-Road Travel Tips (and my own comments, where appropriate) from readers responding to a request in my January 2020 column. In the spirit of continued sharing of travel wisdom, I invite you to keep them coming.

Applying to anything that makes your travel experience work better for you while actually traveling, your travel tip (in 125 words or fewer) can involve luggage, clothing, electronic devices, transportation, accommodation,...


In my January 2020 column, I invited readers to send me their favorite On-the-Road Travel Tips, applying to anything that makes your travel experience work better for you while actually traveling.

The response has been excellent, and the first selection of tips is presented below (with my own comments added where appropriate). Hopefully, you will find some of the offerings in this series to be applicable to your own travels.

Karen Gifford (Raleigh, NC) — After arriving in...

Uluru, aka Ayers Rock, a sandstone monolith in Australia’s Northern Territory, draws many a tour group. Photo by Gail Keck

In these precarious times, many senior ITN readers are finally considering traveling on group tours or are traveling more on these tours than they have in the past. There are many reasons for this trend.

First, the matter of personal safety and security is an increasing concern, especially at certain travel destinations. There is an undeniable element of safety in numbers, particularly on well-organized group tours.

Second, many globetrotting seniors, for a variety of reasons,...

Randy, with his Totto backpack, and his dog, Princess.

It is always a good time to compare travel tips with fellow travelers, so this month I will invite readers to each share their favorite On-the-Road Travel Tip to my email address following this article. 

To try and insure clarity, it seems appropriate to have a few ground rules. On-the-Road Travel Tips apply to anything that makes your travel experience work better for you while actually traveling. Please do not send travel tips related to any aspect of pre-tour planning or...

Within Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway, tour groups are among the many visitors to the sculpture park featuring works by Gustav Vigeland. Photo by Randy Keck

Over the years, I have periodically written about employment and volunteer opportunities in the travel industry. This month, I am focusing on such opportunities for those of retirement age, since the majority of ITN readers fit into that demographic.

For those of us who are addicted to travel, particularly international travel, a major part of the appeal is the chance for continued learning, which is synonymous with continuing personal growth. When we travel, we are primarily in...

Our group enjoyed a picnic under an argan tree in Tafraout, Morocco. Photo by Randy Keck
This is part three of a three part series. Read part one here. Read part two here.

In the second part of this series, I described the first half of my hosted April 2019 journey around Morocco with the small-group adventure-tour operator ElderTreks. This month, I’ll share highlights from the second part of our trek, from the dunes of the Sahara back to Casablanca. First, however, I wish to share a few thoughts about shopping in Morocco.

Morocco shopping mania

On most...