Flights to Asia

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Anyone know a wholesaler (or someone) who can get good airfares to Asia? More specifically, the immediate trip is to Myanmar (Burma).

Try Royal Air Travel in Diamond Bar, CA Ask for Mathew Abraham Tel: (909) 3967-5500

Thanks. (If anyone else wants to give this a try, the 7 in the second set of the telepone number doesn't belong.)

I assume you know you have to go thru Bangkok. There are no flights direct from the U.S. to Myanmar.

Agreed, there are no direct flights from US. But what I am after is a wholesaler who may have access to better rates than I can get on the various Internet sources such as Expedia. Also, I don't think it's restricted to a Bangkok routing--e.g., I think Air China flies from Beijing to Yangon. Anyone know a China wholesaler that might be able to help? Others?