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Has anyone traveled with Advantage Travel & Tours out of California? I am interested in two of their tours but cannot get them to respond to my request for information. Thank you.

Just me talking here, but I automatically reject anyone who cannot not handle quick, efficient and accurate email responses. Two companies that really impressed me sight unseen at the time in the early days of internet travel arrangements were SITA for my trip to India and Handspan for my trip to Vietnam. A non-response early in the game to a potential customer is an automatic no-go. Nor does a quick response immediately win the relationship either on its own, but it does keep the door open for me.

Hi: I also have problems getting them to respond to my phone inquirries, and they do not have a web site which is most unfortunate. Nevertheless, many folks with whom I correspond speak highly of their trios and services. However, I have not traveled with them.....yet!