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<p>As I announced a few weeks ago, the forum has a new look and feel. I apologize for the downtime the last day or two, as we ran into some problems getting everything up and running. Everything should be working today. If it's not, be sure to send me an e-mail (</p> <p>We wanted the forum to be more integrated with the main website, and we think that this new software is much easier to use than the old one.</p> <p>You should be able to log in with your old username. However, as this software has a different way of storing passwords, you may have to reset your password. Simply click "lost password," and on the next page enter your username. An e-mail will be sent with instructions on how to update your password.</p> <p>All the posts from the old forum remain; however, the private messages are incompatible and can't be moved. If you have a specific message you'd like the text of, or if you'd like a copy of all your messages, I can send it via e-mail. </p>

Hi Arthur....may I make a the instructions on how to reset your password...please tell people to click on their user name...that brings up the nest screen with ability to reset the password if they scroll down. If get lost and cannot reset it. Esther helped me find it but the instructions aren't very clear in the E-mail that comes. thanks. Ann White