Tour of Normandy Beaches

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<p>Planning to attend a reunion in Berlin next August. &nbsp;Thinking about touring the beaches of Normandy either before or after reunion. &nbsp;Any suggestions on companies that run tours to Normandy? &nbsp;Thinking I would fly into ( or out of Paris) and get to Berlin by train. &nbsp;Any suggestions would be helpful. &nbsp; Thanks</p>

Take a look at the website for Valor Tours   - -   I haven't traveled with them, but have looked at their website several times.   There is also a British company that is doing a military-theme cruise in June -- will try to find that information for you. Added later --- The British company is Leger  They have several tours and the D-Day anniversary cruise is at:

My one comment would be, depending upon if you are adventurous, drive yourself. You'd want to take the train out of Paris (don't attempt to drive in the city) and drive the Normandy area. There are a lot of things to see in the area that you can drive to. Of course too, it depends upon how long you have to spend.

Just received a catalog from Collette Tours.  They have a new tour -"Memorials of War" that visits Normandy and Paris.