Nazca Lines

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<p>Thank you all for the good information you have given me and&nbsp;I will pass it along to my friend. I will certianly take your recomendations into account.</p>

I use for research. I don't book with them as their prices are around 25% higher than if you book a tour locally.   They show a Nazca Lines Air Tour with Transport from Lima for $463.    So if you buy this locally, perhaps thru the hotel, you will get the same tour for at least 20-25% less, and you won't have to deal with  finding a tour company, exchanging the voucher,etc.  Since there are two of you, you could also check out the price of car/driver for the day to take you  to the local airport for the Nazca lines and book your air tour separately:

 The plane that actually took us out to the Nazca Lines was quite small.  There were maybe 6 or 8 seats.  Only a few seats were next to windows.  We were stuck in the 2 middle seats and could not see that much (if anything) as we flew over a lot of the lines.  We did not think it was worth the time or the money to do that excursion.

My son went to Nazca Lines by land and travelling by himself as part of a 6 month trip to South America, and this is the only thing that he would not recommend or do again. The security checks on the way included fingerprinting all the passengers, etc. and the Lines themselves were not what he expected.  I can't give you first hand opinion because I took his word and crossed it off my bucket list. I suggest going with a top notch agency.