FLO tours to Turkey and South Caucasus

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<p>I&#39;m planning a trip to Turkey and the South Caucasus and would like to go with a&nbsp;QUALITY/REPUTABLE tour company.</p><p>Have you traveled with Flo Tours?&nbsp; If so, would you recommend them?</p><p>Do you have recommendations for other travel companies for Turkey and South Caucasus?</p><p>MANY THANKS-</p><p>Bob</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

I traveled to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan on a group tour with Regent Holidays (http://www.regent-holidays.co.uk). They were excellent. Groups were small  (less than 10) and local guides were good.  The tours were in modules and we put the segments together to make the longer trip to the three countries.   There is another UK company that offers tours to this area:  Explore Worldwide (www.exploreworldwide.com). They may have a slightly lower price, but groups may be larger - 20 or so.    I have done other trips with them and they are good.

Road Scholar  does Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan - I have not done this itinerary with them, but have done about 7 trips with them. There is a strong educational element with lectures and "behind the scenes" type of experiences. This is the link: http://www.roadscholar.org/n/program/summary.aspx?id=1%2D4C4RYI&MC=

I traveled to the Caucasus with ElderTreks last year. Their trip includes an in depth visit to Azerbaijan. Georgia and Armenia, but doesn't visit Turkey. I stayed a few nights in Istanbul on the way to Azerbaijan on my own. I travel almost exclusively with ElderTreks and really enjoy their tours.