Tour company to Bulgaria and Romania

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If you have any experience with OriginalWorld Hand-crafted Journeys or Bestway Tours and Safaris, specifically their trips to Bulgaria and Romania, I would appreciate any observations pro or con. Thank you.

I wanted to do the same trip with Original World a few years ago. I had trouble finding out anything about that company, but talked to the owner and signed on anyway. I learned a couple of things. One, "guaranteed departure" doesn't necessarily mean the trip will go. The trip I wanted got cancelled and I was reassigned to another, even when I said I couldn't do that date. And two, the flight offered to me was $600 more expensive than what I found after a 5-minute search on my own. When I questioned that, I got an airy, Oh, I leave all that up to my supplier. That cavalier attitude on both counts caused me to cancel my reservation. I regretted it as the trip looked good.

I did Romania and Hungary with Eldertreks ( and was pleased with the itinerary. The guide was excellent. At first, it looks pricey, but absolutely everything is included, including drinking water. Check to see what kind of vehicles are being used. If it is a bus, that would be OK. Sometimes they use vans which can be uncomfortable and hard to get in and out of, especially if it is your turn to sit in the back. But take a look at them and see how they compare to the other companies you are considering.

I visited Bulgaria on a Rick Steves tour, which I can recommend. I have visited Romania twice, but on my own. I had a car and driver in the north, but the south is not a problem by public transport.