Oktoberfest in Munich & Rhine in Flames

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<p>I am planning a trip in September to Munich for the Oktoberfest and also for the Rhine in Flames. Any hotel recommendations would be appreciated for either place. Also, any ideas of must-see and tips would be great. </p>

Last September, after a Globus 14-day Grand Catholic Rome-Munich tour, we overnighted at the Sheraton near the Festival fairgrounds (walking distance). We've been to Munich many times but never to the Fest -- frankly it wasn't for us. Like any big county fair at home but with bigger/different rides, lots of drinking halls (none of which we visited as we didn't have the time nor inclination), but it was fun to see the ladies and gents in their finest dindrels/lederhosen. Lots of drunks getting sick, passing out on the grassy slope bordering the fair.
We took the U-bahn from the hotel to the airport and highly recommend taking this form of public transportation to the city center (rather than a long/expensive taxi ride) if you feel you can manage your luggage. All trains are flush with "metro" platforms and there are elevators/escalators to the street, unlike in Italy where we had a TERRIBLE time crossing from one platform to another. Once in town, you can take a taxi to your hotel, or check with the hotel beforehand if there's a U-bahn stop nearby (the one for the Sheraton was just outside).
If you haven't been to Munich before, be sure to go to Marienplatz (sp?) for the chiming of the glockenspiel. The rathaus (town hall) is there -- wonderful restaurant in the basement (most towns in Germany have atmospheric restaurants in the town halls). Have the schweinhaxen (roasted pig knuckle) -- forget the cholesterol!!! Might need reservations but you can stop in earlier in the day and make the reservation for later (or have hotel make the reservation for you). There's a large open market near the Town Hall which is fun to see (usually finished by 2:00 p.m. or so). Great photo ops.
Gute reise!!

Munich is one of our favorite cities - we were there for the Christmas Markets and a wonderful time to be there - just magical. Agree, having also been to the Ocktober Fest, it is not all that great - not scenic at all -just a big tented drinking fest with no charm.
Far better to seek out the different brau hauses in town. Love their roast pork, saurkraut and dumplings or potato pancakes - had the same thing every night I was there but in different brau hauses. Try them all We got a modest hotel on venere.com near the train station and used the public transit that got us everywhere. (The Astor on Schillerstrasse that - kind of seedy looking district but it was perfectly fine and the best breakfast included in any hotel in Munich)
One of the best things we did was the Walking Tour of Hitler's Munich and the tour of the Residenz - The Treasury at the Residenz will knock your socks off and well worth the extra admission charge to see all the jewels -- far prettier and extravagant than the British Crown Jewels in my mind. Lots to love about Munich ...except the Oktoberfest. 0-;>