Any credit cards giving extra miles when paying taxes?

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<p>Has anyone come across a double mile (or any) promotion from an airline branded credit card for paying income taxes? I know it is sometimes not a good idea due to convenience fees, but I just want to know if any offers are out there. Thank you. </p>

Per guidelines provided by the IRS to AARP TaxAide Counselors: The IRS will accpet credit card payments from American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. A convenience fee will be charged by the service providers listed below. For further information, visit or call a service provider below for more details.
Official Payments Corporation, 1-888-872-9829 or 1-877-754-4413 Customer Service and
Link2Gov Corporation, 1-888-729-1040 or 1-888-658-5466 Customer Service and
RBS WorldPay, Inc, 1-888-972-9829 or 1-877-517-4881 Customer Service and

You can do this w Amex but you pay 3% TO THE IRS to do it, If you pay high taxes it becomes very expensive. I think you should save your money and buy a first class ticklet instead!