gulet trip with Odysseys Unltd

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<p>Has anyone taken their Turkey trip with 4-days on a gulet. If so is disembarking for the shore excursions difficult, is it on a boat ladder or by gangplank? </p>

We did this trip a few years ago with OAT. As I remember, we disembarked via boat ladder, but it was sturdy and easy to climb. If you are concerned about it, ask Odysseys. Their company is well-staffed and run; I'm sure you would get a helpful answer.
This is, by the way, a fantastic trip---one of the best we've taken.

We took Turkey's Magical Hideaways with OAT in 2004 during which we slept for six nights on a gulet, which was 82 feet long. As I review my photos, I see that we disembarked via metal stairs, gangplank, and/or to shore with a small boat for sometimes challenging landings. The benefits of the gulet were that we got into remote places for daily hiking. The disadvantages were that our gulet anchored in quiet remote spots around 6 pm every evening. Thus, if you are someone who relishes experiencing Turkey's daily life in port towns in the evenings, you will be disappointed. Instead, you will be enjoying your time swimming, playing cards, or whatever with your travel mates in a secluded cove. The gulet itself was very compact with a nice crew and superb food. So, I caution you to think of your travel style and interests when selecting your opportunity to experience Turkey. I would return in a heartbeat, but without the gulet.