Apartments in Florence area.

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My wife and I intend to travel to Italy in the fall months and would to take an apartment for two weeks in the Florence area; not in Florence itself but close enough for local transportation, We don't want to have to rent a car but do want to travel to other nearby areas by local means. Any advice and suggestions from all of you worldly travelers is very much appreciated. ------- Moderator note: light editing

We would also appreciate any suggestions for apartments located near the main
train station in Florence.

We've used UNTOURS several times for apartments in Italy, we were very satisified.

Here is their link :

How does Untours work; For instance: how much would a one bedroom with bath cost for 2 people to stay 2 weeks.
Somewhat near the train station. ( don't know what section that would be)

Thanks for your response.

They are pretty flexible and they have apartments with bath for 2. You have to view the untours website or you can call them and tell them what your looking for. I've noted some of the apts are about a 10 minute walk to the Duomo.

About the train station:

The Florence Train Station was built in the early 1930's, but did not follow the architecture of the time. Instead, this station was built using a more modern design. Located near central Florence, the station is a walkable distance away from major attractions in Florence such as the Duomo.

Address: Piazza della Stazione
View location on map: Google map
Hours of operation: 6 am to midnight