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Has anyone traveled with the League of Women Voters tours. I am interested in their tour to Burma next January. Other recommendations on tours would also be appreciated. Thanks

I went to Myanmar in January 2006. The 3-week trip was put together by Golden Rock Travel, a group of Burmese doctors who live in CA half of each year. There were 2 of us. The tour was outstanding, very reasonable, smart and personable guides -- the doctors and their agents did everything they could to accommodate our requests, which included several days at Ngapali Beach and a trip to see the Golden Rock itself. Highly recommend them.

Are you referred to Travel Concepts International?

I'd be interested in any input here too.

Folks, go up to the search field .... upper right portion of your display .... type in Myanmar (Burma) and you'll getmany hits. You can also type in Burma with similar results.

Yes, Travel Concepts International. If you have any experience with the company I would appreciate it. Thanks, Harriet

I have never traveled with Travel Concepts International (TCI) before, but I plan on registering for their November 2010 tour to Iran after I return home from Turkey, where I am on tour right now (the spring 2010 tour to Iran that I was originally scheduled to take with Eldertreks never materialized). I am also considering several European tours with TCI for next year.I would recommend that any future posts about TCI on this forum be posted under a separate subject line called Travel Concepts International because TCI goes to many other exotic and off-the-beaten track destinations besides Burma and you might get more responses about this company if you don't limit the subject line to just one specıfic destination.Ada Green (currently in Istanbul and bound for Eastern Turkey later today with the excellent tour company Treasures of Travel)

Traveled to Myanmar in Jan of 2009 with Asia Transpacific, based in Colorado. Excellent trip, considering where we were. Myanmar is a fascinating country and am glad I went. The local people there were very happy to see they were not forgotten by the rest of the world. Their website is asiatranspacific.com. Larry

My husband and I traveled to Burma/Myanmar in 2006 with Eldertreks. It was a fantastic tour with one of our favorite guides EVER. We combined it with Eldertreks' trip to Laos (also absolutely wonderful) with a few days between trips in Thailand. We were away for a month and had an unforgettable experience.

I traveled to Myanmar with TCI, now known as the Serious Traveler, in Jan. 2006 and LOVED the trip. It is one of my top 5 trips ever. I think the itinerary may be a bit different now, but still includes the most important places - Bagan, Inle Lake, Yangon, etc.There were only 8 of us on the trip, the other 7 people had done many trips with TCI previously. The hotels were more than acceptable, the flights were good, the bus comfortable, the tour guide/leader fantastic. All meals were included, as well as non-alcoholic drinks, as far as I remember.I cannot say enough to encourage you to travel to Myanmar if you are interested. I understand that some people feel they should stay away due to the political situation and I respect their beliefs. But the people were friendly and welcoming, the sights and experiences were as far from my normal life as I have ever been. We met very few other North American travelers, in fact we ran into only one other tour group at all (Eldertreks). It was an absolutely amazing trip and I do hope to go back again some day.

I used Golden Rock in 2006 and was very happy with all aspects of the solo tour they arranged.

I'm using Journeys for a 26 day trip in Jan 2011, so far the support has been great.