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<p>Has anyone used Wild Card Adventures for travel in Burma and Laos during the past year, especially the private tours? Were you satisfied? Any recommendations? Thank you </p>

When I was doing a preliminary search for a trip to Myanmar, I was in contact with Scott Wild of Wild Card Adventures. Though the trip never came about, I found Scott Wild very knowledgeable about Myanmar. Actually, he still sends me updates and pictures of his recent trips to the country. I would surely consider him for a future trip there. Also, I have contact information for a local Burmese guide who came HIGHLY recommended to me from some travellers who have used him numerous times and actually return to Myanmar mainly for the guide. Please let me know if you would like his information. (Unfortunately, I don't have any info about Laos.)

Traveled with AsiaTransPacific couple of years ago to Burma and they did a great job. Used hotels that they chose and not what the government "recommended". Would highly recommend them. Had local guide and an ex-pat who knew the country well. Fascinating place to visit.Gorgeous scenery and friendly people. The government repression and bureaucracy is another story. Larry

We read posts in this forum praising Scott Wild (Wild Card Adventures) for a trip to Burma and Laos that someone else had used his services for. We contacted him and over the next several months we worked out an itinerary for 23 days in Burma and Laos and a bit of Thailand. We leave in early January. Contact me via private message if you would like more details.

We had planned on going to Myanmar and Lao for a couple of years but something or other kept getting in the way. During that time we worked with Scott Wild, on and off, and
I have to say that I was impressed with his responsiveness, his knowledge and his suggested tours. Scott kept bringing up suggestions (like his personally led tour) and I felt that he was extremely professional (and personal). If a travel agent fam (my wife is a travel agent) had not come along at a whale of a rate (with air) we would have gone with Scott's proposals. So, while we haven't used Scott, I have been impressed with him and his company.
Oh, and btw, we will be going to Myanmar/Lao from 09/01 through 09/20/2010 .... so contact me after we get back if you'd like any info on our trip. g

This is a heads up on Myanmar's Visa on Arrival program.
O/a May 1, Myanmar announced that one could now get a VOA at their major entry points. Yesterday the government stopped their VOA process; you now have to obtain your visa prior to arrival.
I'm not sure Myanmar's website has been updated but this info was provided to us by the Mynamar Tourism Board (because we're on a trip with them come Sept 1.)
Anyway, this is fyi and you probably want to check your own sources in case the process changes again. Here's the Myanmar Embassy's (in DC)emmail address: mewdcusa@gmail.com

I may have cried wolf on my warning that Myanmar's VOA is no longer in effect. I contacted their embassy and they quickly responded that the VOA is still available. So I now have conflicting information from two Myanmar government sources.

It seems to me, then, that the safe thing to do is to get the visa in advance.

My understanding is that VOA will not be available after September 1st.

Yes I have. The safe thing to do is to get the visa in advance.

In previous posts, I've strongly agreed that Myanmar is one of the friendliest, most interesting places I've ever traveled to. Definitely one of my top 2 or 3 trips. I went with The Serious Traveler, formerly known as Travel Concepts International in Jan. 2006 (or 07?). They usually have a trip to Myanmar in Jan. But whatever company you choose, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Also, TCI contracted through Diethelm, which runs tours throughout SE Asia. I think you can contact them directly.

Jim Cline Photography Tours does a great job in Burma with a post extension of Angor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. You'll be amazed with your photographs.

Check Intrepid Travel out of Melbourne Australia (They have an office in the US Colorado I believe) Real adventure travel cheap and rough, but one of the best trips Ive ever taken anywhere out of 35 trips since 1996). Have been on 4 trips with them and love their style.