Feasability of Bringing Mini-Netbook on Multi-Day Bus Tours

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<p>I have a new Toshiba mini-netbook computer, only one month old, that I bought solely for travel purposes, but would like to know the feasibility of bringing it on the following trips:</p> <p>Am taking two 18-day Road Scholar (Elderhostel) programs almost back-to-back with each other in Aug./Sept., both of which involve large groups, extensive travel by bus, and mandatory seat rotation (ugh!). The first one is a domestic program that follows the route of Lewis and Clark through 7 US States. It stays in 15 different hotels, most of which are one-night stands, where we will be on and off the bus 190 times over the course of 18 days (an adventure in itself!). The second program is to Scotland and is more subdued in comparison -- only 6 different hotels over the course of 18 days, but 5 days of bus journeys of about 8 hours each. </p> <p>I am a bit concerned about my computer getting lost, stolen or damaged while traveling under these circumstances. Am particularly concerned about when we rotate seats after lunch every day -- wouldn't want the person who occupies my old seat in the afternoon to throw my computer bag onto my new seat as if it was some kind of knapsack.</p> <p>Can anyone offer me any advice as to how I can best make sure that the computer makes it through these trips unscathed? Or should I just not bring it along under these particular circumstances? I don't know which is worse -- being a nervous wreck that something is going to happen to my computer or suffering computer withdrawal symptoms because I didn't bring it with me on the trip.</p> <p>This is not the way I usually travel (most of the time I take small group tours), but I like the itineraries and because these are 2 of Road Scholar's most popular programs they are filled to capacity. I've been to Scotland 3 times before -- I particularly picked Road Scholar this time because I want the educational content (as I did 4 or 5 years ago with the late, great Interhostel). </p>

I think you will enjoy having your netbook with you as most hotels will have wi-fi -- it is pretty standard now.
How about putting it in a padded case and the case in a tote? When you leave for lunch, put the tote in the storage space above the seat you will occupy when you return.
It seems strange to rotate seats after lunch each day-- this means organizing yourself twice a day. Maybe guides will realize this causes extra problems and will change the procedure.

Thanks, Joe, for the good advice. I will definitely bring the netbook with me because I didn't buy it to sit in its original box (or to use it to play Fishdom as I did at Starbucks this morning for 3-1/2 hours). I already have the padded sleeve, the case, and the tote, so I guess I'm all set.
I looked at the Road Scholar pre-departure material again just now and it looks like on the domestic trip we change seats only <i>once</i> a day -- we move two rows every morning. That definitely simplifies things. I must have gotten confused with Tauck World Discovery, which has mandatory seat rotation <i>twice</i> a day (in accordance with a seating chart prepared by the tour manager which is prominently displayed on the inside of the motorcoach's front door). The domestic Road Scholar pre-departure material also says that "participants who do not wish to rotate seats may claim a back seat, which will be their permanent seat for the entire 18 days." Perhaps I should just do that, as long as it's not the very back row that seats 4 across.
The seating arrangement for the Scotland trip is more vague. The pre-departure informtion just says, "We ask that participants rotate seating during transportation for field trips, excursions and transfers throughout the programme." I guess I'll just have to play that one by ear.

I have traveled a lot in USA & Europe with my Netbook.and had no problems. but in May I went to England poweris 240 volts over there & my power cord indicates I can use it for that wattage. I plugged it in at my friends home to recharge it after and 2 hours I opened it up & the screen was damaged.no breaks just only 3/4 of the screen was visible. it was 1 month out of warranty & the service dept said it could have been a power surge ( which would not have been covered by the warentee) & said I should always use a power surge adapter (I believe Best Buys have them.}.it is going to cost $140 to fix. I also have Skype downloaded which is very useful for making phone call,s when traveling

Thank you for the advice to bring a power surge adapter to countries that are on 240 power voltage. I am halfway through my 18-day Road Scholar (Elderhostel) domestic bus tour and the mini netbook is working out very well (I am using it right now), but will definitely purchase a power surge adapter before I leave for Scotland on August 24. I live within walking distance of Best Buy.