Robert et Louise and the Fat Cat

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<p>Travel journal posting dated May 16, 2010. Paris Untour April 21-May 19, 2010. On our last Paris Untour ( in 2008, our friends, Larry and Claudia, took us to Robert et Louise, rue Vieille du Temple, in the Marais. They also told us about a big fat cat that roams the area behind the restaurant. But it was nowhere to be seen that day. We enjoyed the restaurant so much that it was on our list of places to revisit during our current 2010 Paris Untour. However, Robert et Louise is only open Thursday through Sunday for lunch. So it wasn't until today that we had a chance to make it back to the restaurant. We ordered a bottle of Bordeaux, Escargot to share and Côte de Boeuf pour 2 (a BIG steak for two). It is prepared on a wood fired grill within view of the tables. Since we are from the U.S.A., the waitress asked us "medium?. We agreed. However, medium in France is really equivalent to raw with some grill marks on the outside.</p> <p>While our steak was being prepared, I asked the proprietor "Where is the cat?" He took us out back where the fat cat was relaxing in the sun, presumably with a full stomach. We got a glimpse of our steak while returning to our table.</p> <p>Videos of the cat encounter, and the interior of the restaurant are posted below.</p> <p>The Fat Cat:<br /></p> <p>Lunch at Robert et Louise:<br /> </p>

Thanks for posting this. As a cat lover (and owner) myself, I am always on the 'hunt' for felines to photograph when I travel.

Enjoyed the videos, thanks for sharing the fun.