This is the March 2014 issue


The rocky beach near El Cantil that we crossed on our walk to the thermal baths.
Interacting with nature on an ecotour of Colombia
By Arthur Hanna
Appears on Page 6
Walking the walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia, provided great views of the city.
Eating our way along the Dalmatian Coast
By Wanda Bahde Summerfield, FL
Appears on Page 18
The stunning, 11th-century Romanesque bridge at Puente la Reina. Photo by G. Fairley
Walking the Camino de Santiago – an individual experience
By Esther Perica
Appears on Page 34
View of Potala Palace in Lhasa.
Traveling by train from Beijing to Lhasa
By Gloria Helmuth
Appears on Page 44

Travelers' Intercom

Side sights in Paris
By Don Kinser
Appears on Page 13
Moai in the quarry Rano Raraku.
A short visit to Easter Island
By Judith Anshin
Appears on Page 14
Turkmenistan — dangers and annoyances
By David J. Patten
Appears on Page 23
Luggage zippers not covered
By Pam Zent
Appears on Page 26
BushBaby Safaris in Southern Africa
By Susan L. Houser
Appears on Page 26
Nepal/Bhutan private tour
By Guenther Eichhorn
Appears on Page 27
Mexico and Guatemala + Honduras
By Nili Olay
Appears on Page 29
Slovakia genealogist/guide
By Ronald Reed
Appears on Page 31
Hired guide for Naples
By Linda Beuret
Appears on Page 32
B&Bs in France
By Jack & Liz Kaufman
Appears on Page 32
Traveling & Giving: Ribbons and lace
By Florence Drake
Appears on Page 33
Novel Approach: Hyderabad insights
By David Emery
Appears on Page 49
Are city folk all business?
By Nancy England
Appears on Page 50
Friendly Amsterdammers
By Marilyn Hill
Appears on Page 50
Cruise Critic helpful
By Paula Prindle
Appears on Page 51
La Ceiba music
By Jim Hendrickson
Appears on Page 73

Calling All Readers!

Essay Contest Winners

Roamin’ in Romania - Winners
Appears on Page 43


A village woman encountered on a missionary trip to Acheber, Ethiopia, in the highlands  southwest of Addis Ababa. Photo by Theresa Cane, Elverta, CA
Converting the US credit card system to the more secure chip-and-PIN system used in much of the rest of the world
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 2
Etiquette in selected European countries
The Discerning Traveler

By Philip Wagenaar
Appears on Page 53
Visitors to the ‘Cutty Sark’ in London’s Greenwich district can walk under the ship, which has been raised 11 feet above her dry dock. Photo by Gretchen Strauch
New in Great Britain, Italy & France in 2014
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 55
The Butchart Gardens
The Garden Path

By Yvonne Horn
Appears on Page 59
Madeira touring
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 62

Funniest Thing

Drinking lesson in Ireland
By Glenn Nakadate
Appears on Page 51

Where in the World? Correct Answers

The tomb of John Russell Colvin.
Tomb of John Russell Colvin
Appears on Page 77