10 years of old ITN back issues.

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I have 10 consecutive years worth of old ITN magazines. I getting ready to discard them and thought I would see if anyone might want some of them before I throw them away. I have complete runs-(missing 2 issues)-from January 1993 to December 2002. Also have a few single copies from before 1993 and after 2002. I'm not looking to make any money off them. Would mail to anyone who wanted to pay shipping cost for whichever issue(s) they might want. If you live near Fresno/Madera California could pick them up for free. Will keep them until middle of August, before discarding. Hope I'm not out of line posting this here, but just wanted to make sure that no one wanted them before throwing them out. I'm an old subscriber and just never discarded these. P.S. Unfortunately these won't qualify for the Postal Service's Media Mail rates, due to the advertising in the ITN magazines