14 hour delay on Charter flight, any recourse?

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<p>While returning from Havana to Miami, our&nbsp;charter flight was inexplicablly the only one of the 15 or so charters to Miami that experienced a substantial&nbsp;delay, 14 hours. &nbsp;Missed connecting flight on United and due to the polar vortex and end of New Year&#39;s holidays in the States, the only option I could find to get home was to rent a car and drive 1,350 miles. &nbsp;Does anyone know if I have any rights in this situation? &nbsp;Thank you</p>

Thanks!  I think you are correct.  A quick search of the regulations re: charters seems to confirm that I have no remedy under DOT provisions, though I did see something suggesting that if the delay were 48 hours or more, there would be some recourse under the law.