2020 World Cruise Travel Insurance "REFUND"

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Hey any folks that was on a World Cruise (WC) this year (probably starting in early January) and if you had/have Travel Guard (AIG) travel insurance on the trip. While we had our 131 day W.C. terminated in Perth, Australia, after 70 days, we really had not "claim" worth submitting; our Regent Seven Seas treated us superbly and we were refunded all of our unused cruise itinerary cost/value....and then some. But, what bothered us was the expensive Travel Insurance premium of the Travel Guard travel insurance; don't get me wrong...…..the premium was not "over priced" for the 131 days of one of the best or THE BEST cruise lines in the industry, it was what we paid for a full WC/131 days vs. only 70 days of the actual Cruise, or 56% of the trip; so we, along with our Travel Agent [Ticket 2 Travel, Paris, KY; ktosborne@bellsouth.net], ask Travel Guard for a refund, or a voucher for future trips, equivalent to the 44% of the premium/trip we were able to complete. While it took a few months to get it, Travel Guard gave us a voucher (actually three vouchers) not for what we asked, but FOR THE ENTIRE AMOUNT OF OUR PREMIUM! So, this message is for those who thought a "refund" for a travel insurance premium isn't possible, try it....soon. One other tidbit...I told one of our other shipmates who also had Travel Guard as their travel insurance company and they requested a "Refund" (just recently) and received a voucher for the full amount of their premium with in "days"; So, again this is for those who may have been in a similar situation to take advantage of this savings AND to BRAG ABOUT TRAVEL GUARD TRAVEL INSURANCE AND REGENT SEVEN SEAS CRUISE LINE, for the superb job they have done during these trying, pandemic times.

Can't comment on Regent Seven Seas, as we rarely cruise, preferring land trips instead, but I can comment on Travel Guard. Travel Guard has long been known to be the gold standard of travel insurance, and this post demonstrates that, as the Company clearly went well above and beyond what they could have refunded. Unfortunately, being the gold standard comes with a cost; that cost being the price of their premium with respect to other companies offering similar levels of indemnification. But then again, you get what you pay for, at least usually. In this case, I'm not surprised that the OP got more than they paid for with Travel Guard. But to paraphrase Winston Churchill, travel insurance is the biggest waste of money; until you really need it.