5 Stans

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One question about border crossings in the 5 Stans: Are they as difficult as described? I've read about very long walks, dragging your own luggage over rough roads. Comments from anyone who has travelled in this part of the world are greatly appreciated.

We crossed from Turkmenistan into Uzbekistan at dasgouz north of khiva. We flew from Ashgabat, bussed to the crossing. It was indeed an arduous crossing with a walk from the entrance gate to the customs building of a hundred yards,multiple identity checks and a walk of several hundred yards across a long (200 yards) open area to the border fence.
The walk was over rough asphalt which not spinner friendly ( but doable).
Once you complete your exit from Turkmenistan you need to hire a “taxi” to transfer you across a long no mans land (dirt road several minutes drive packed in with other travelers) to do it all over to enter Uzbekistan. Then a short stroll to exit the customs area and arrive on the road where there are no services.
This is the most memorable crossing I’ve done