Adventures Abroad - Tour of Arab Gulf States

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We’ve been looking at a tour of the Arab Gulf States with Adventures Abroad. Does anyone have experience with this company? What about with this tour specifically?

I recently returned from my 27th trip with Adventures Abroad, so obviously I really like this company, their itineraries and their tour leaders. I went on the Gulf States trip in January 2015 and it was interesting and enlightening.
I especially enjoyed Oman with its rich history, diverse geography and friendly people.
If you have specific questions about the company or this tour, I will be happy to give you my take on things.

I've been under the impression that Adventures Abroad seems to cancel a lot. Have you run in to this? Or are they now imposing surcharge if minimum participation is not met.

One trip in early 2004 was cancelled but that has not happened to me since. If you call the office they will tell you the minimum number required for any trip and how many are signed up so far. I have never heard of a surcharge.