Afghanistan/ Untamed Borders

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Hi Guys, I've been to the central Asia once (Turkmenistan/Tajikistan/Uzbekistan) and would like to return next year. I'm interested in visiting Afghanistan. This is a naive question, but how safe is it? I am a sensible Australian traveler. I dress conservatively in Muslim countries and respect local culture. Also, the only tours I could find that run in that area are Untamed Borders. Can anyone vouch for this company? I believe they're based in England. Their website seems a little basic. Many thanks in advance. S.Maydon

I have heard good things about Untamed Borders although you are right they do look like they could do with some IT assistance. From their Facebook page - - they seem to run quite a few trips each year. Other companies include Wild Frontiers although their trips seem more expensive.

I've seen ads for Hinterland Travel (based in the UK) and their trips to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan,etc. I haven't traveled with them, but know they have been in business for 35 years.

When Tony Wheeler went in 2006 he used an outfit called Afghan Logistics (see his "Badlands"). Still has a website -