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I recently booked a Balkans tour with Bestway Tours. My airline ticket, with Delta, was also booked by Bestway Tour. Due to the hospitalization of an immediate member of the family I had to cancel the tour. I have a printed ticket & a confirmation number and have contacted Delta Airlines to reschedule sometime in 2012. Delta Airlines acknowledges that they are holding a ticket in my name. However they inform me that since the ticket was purchased by a travel agent, Bestway Tours, only Bestway Tours can make changes. Since I have refused to rebook with Bestway Tours for another $9,500 they refuse any assistance. Has anyone had a similar experience, if yes, please share. Can anyone offer a suggestion has to how I might break this deadlock & get use of the ticket that I have paid for. I have documentation on all payments. Regards:Cincoc --------- Moderator note: light editing

Bestway is a Canadian company but they are a member of IATA ( You should send a written complaint to this organization as well as Consumer Protection BC ( I had problems with Grand Circle Travel once but had issue resolved once I started filing formal complaints with IATA and BBB.

You might want to contact Christopher Elliott ( - he often acts as ombudsman/troubleshooter when there are problems with travel suppliers. He has helped another ITN board member resolve a problem in the past. Good luck with this.

Do you have travel insurance? If so, why are they not reimbursing you???

I had a weird situation a couple of years ago with United and I emailed them what my problem was, followed it up with a couple of phone calls, continued to ask nicely for help, got a name and extension #, left several messages and one day United CALLED ME BACK. I nearly fainted.

The people at Delta may help you but you'll need to go up the ladder ... I've had good luck asking for the name and contact of someone "with the authority to help me". No matter who booked your ticket, Delta has been paid for it and is holding it for you. You need someone who can work around the Delta bureaucracy. Be unfailingly polite and appreciative and distill your story down to relevant facts in proper order because you'll be repeating it many times!