Arab Gulf States Tour

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<p>I recently returned from &nbsp;a&nbsp;subject area tour operated by Adventures Abroad of Vancouver, B.C. &nbsp;Canada. Very few other companies offer this destination . &nbsp;However,&nbsp;this rather extensive and expensive tour did not meet my expectations, and &nbsp;was medocre at best. &nbsp;All 10 other travelers concurred with this less than &nbsp;excellent evaluation. &nbsp; In the past ,Adventures Abroad &nbsp;has always provided exccellent itineraries, leaders, &nbsp;acccomodations and service, but this trip fell below this normal high level. &nbsp; It seems that there has been a marked deterioration in &nbsp;overall service from this company in the past three years. I do not mean to blatantly criticize Adventures Abroad &nbsp;but this trip did not meet (in my opinion)&nbsp;their normally high standards&nbsp; &nbsp;However I would not hesitate to travel with AA again as I have usually&nbsp;liked heir offerings in &nbsp;the past. &nbsp; &nbsp;Please cocntact me if you have specific quesstions about my experiences with this trip.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>