Archaeological Tours

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<p>Has anyone traveled with Archaeological Tours ( &nbsp; &nbsp;I know they are pricey, but am interested in the quality of the guiding and hotels. &nbsp;Also if you can recommend any other companies that specialize in archaeology, I would appreciate it. &nbsp;Thank you.</p>

Hi Adventure Girl,You forgot to let us know the specific country or continent you planned to have Archaeological Tours. I am interested in culture, history and archaelogy, travelling extensively to South East Asia and may give you some recommendations should you need.Best regards,Dan

Thank you for your help Daniel -- The area I'm most interested in right now is their Malta, Sardinia and Corsica trip, but mostly Sardinia and Corsica.  I've visited Malta before but wouldn't mind going again.  Thank you for any advice you can give me.

Op, I am very sorry as I have not been to Mediterranean countries before but cannot help admitting that the destinations you are planning to visit are so beautiful. Would love to visit them someday.Let me know if you would love to have some information about South East Asia area.Cheers,Daniel

Try, Ireland Scotland and England or have a custom  archaeology tour

Check with Spiekermann Travel. He is doing Sardinia and Corsica in May 2015 . Great company.  I have done about fifteen trips .... Comparable to Archeological toursphone is 1-800-645-3233