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<p>Any comments from users of this co? I&#39;ve never heard of them but saw an interesting ad in Smithsonian Mag for a tour to Egypt with lectures by Dr Zahi Hawass. Sound interesting to me, but before I spend $10k (for 2) + air I would would appreciate your input.</p>

I've looked at this itinerary too.  There is a discussion of Archaeological Paths on tripadvisor at: is an expensive trip and the single supplement is an additional $1270.   So you might want to consider contacting the company to find out:  1.  What is the maximum size of the group?   2. Does Dr. Hawass lead any part of the tour and give on-site lectures?  3. you can also check out reviews on the hotels on     I also checked the weather for Aswan (one of the hotter areas) and the November and February dates would have more comfortable weather.   Good luck with the tour and please post a review on this board if you do the trip.  Thank you.  

Hello:  this info. was in a newsletter I received this morning - it is just FYI:                              Egypt       If you've always wanted to see the pyramids up close, this is the year to visit Egypt .... While the country has been making headlines since 2011 due to political unrest, there are currently no Travel Warnings in effect by the U.S. State Department, and tourism is expected to increase thanks to super-affordable hotel rates—think major chains like Hilton, Starwood, and Marriott for less than $125 a night...... Visitors can also expect fewer crowds at some of Egypt's biggest bucket-list-worthy attractions. Just remember to stay vigilant whenever you're in touristy areas and to avoid public demonstrations, which can sometimes end in violence. As of press time, the Egyptian Tourism Authority advises visitors to stick to larger cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Hurghada, and Aswan, as parts of the northern Sinai and spots outside the Cairo metropolitan area are still considered to be dangerous.                                                                                                                                                                             To Go or Not to Go: Go! But remember to check the website for updates.

My daughter and I toured Egypt with this company last year, April 2015. Yes it is expensive, but I absolutely felt as if I got my money's worth. Our hotel in Cairo was the Mena House (5 star), The cruise out of Luxor was on a very nice ship with excellent food everyday. I know of no other tours where the owner of the company was with us the entire tour, and always available, We felt very well taken care of, and safe. After a few days of seeing the armed guards, I became used to them. They hired local graduates in archaeology, as tour guides, Who were very knowledgeable: .Everyone involved in the tour was very friendly and helpful. Now the caveats: was a fairly grueling pace, lots of desert hiking and climbing, some days started before sunrise. We got to see everything we wanted to, it was just a wonderful experience, and I would go back again and again if I could afford it. I loved everything about this country. and I highly recommend this tour company.

My husband and I had a trip to Egypt scheduled with them a couple of years ago but ended up canceling. (At that time there was no local number to contact, etc.) We traveled to Jordan and Egypt last fall (2015) with Eldertreks. We had a FABULOUS time. The attention to detail and our tour guide was absolutely amazing. We also had so much security--armed guard on the bus, etc. If you want an alternative to Archaeological Paths, you might want to take a look at Eldertreks. I would be happy to answer any questions.