ATM card use

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I recently had a new ATM card issued due to fraudulent use on the old one. I was issued a 6 digit PIN. I think I have read that many foreign ATMs require 4 digit PINs. Has anyone had experience using a 6 digit PIN in foreign ATMs? I don't mean a chip and PIN credit card, just getting cash from an ATM.

My experience has been using 4 digit pin throughout Europe.


See following blog site from Fordors:

Suggest changing pin to 4 digits or try getting another card.

Thanks for the link, I thought I had heard something like that. Since I previously had a 4 digit PIN it didn't make any difference. I was surprised to get 6 digits on this one, so I thought I would see if anyone had personal advice.

Ever since somebody at the credit union dropped the ball, we have insisted on confirmation that they have:  1. noted our upcoming foreign travel and 2. UNBLOCKED access for countries we will visit.

In case anyone had the same question I posted last year, I have had no problem using the 6 digit PIN. It has worked just fine in Costa Rica, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. So far, so good. Although I still carry cash as well as an alternate card as back up. And I do notify the banks of my international travel so they don't reject the cards.

Yes - some banks are issuing 6 digit PIN. so dont worry about this. even i have one.