Australia & Tasmania - Guided Walking

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My fiance and I are looking for an approximately 10-day guided walking holiday (looking to 2019, and our timing to go is fairly flexible subject to seasonality) that would potentially cover New South Wales Blue Mountains National Park and Tasmania. We are fit and active, but we are not campers, nor do we want to carry overnight packs. We enjoy long walks and hikes with day packs and comfortable but not 5-star accommodations, a la Country Walkers, Backroads, HF Holidays, GeoEx, etc. We both work full-time, so can't take advantage of the seemingly many 3-week (+) Australia & Tasmania tours. We are willing to piece together two separate tours to cover Australia and Tasmania if that seems like the best option. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

Take a look at World Expeditions (, a travel group that includes a number of hiking/trekking tour suppliers. We have used some of them successfully, but not for Australia. We haven't been to Tasmania (although it's on our list) and were last in Australia in 1990.
It would be great if you write back with feedback after you do your trip.