Baltic tour

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<p>Thinking of using Baltic Holidays in Manchester, UK to plan a Baltic tour. Anybody have experience with this company? </p>

I do not have any experience with Baltic Holidays. Does anyone have experience with Kutubres or Smartours on Baltics Itineraries?

I haven't used Baltic Holidays but I can highly recommend Hansa Travel ( which is based on Tallinn and they are ITN advertisers. I toured with them last spring. It's a mother/daughter company and they are great to work with.
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The Smartous trip to the Baltics is excellent and very reasonable pricewise. It also includes Berlin in Germany and helsinki in Finland. I took the trip a few years ago and considered it outstanding. Our group had under 2 people in it. As for Kutubres, I have not traveled with them but was planning to except that I received three very poor reports about that company. So I decided to do my tour to Albania with Original World (which by the way was excellent)