Beijing Airport transfer

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<p>Has anyone had experience with, or any other service, for airport pickup and transfer in Beijing?<br /> Thanks. </p>

We didn't use a service on our flight there in May 2008. We were on a Viking cruise which included pickup at the airport BUT we left JFK 3 hours late and so missed our connecting flight in Vancouver. That meant that instead of flying to Beijing on Air Canada, we were on Air China. We didn't arrive that much later than our original flight but Viking had never been notified, so our pickup didn't happen.
We ended up just taking a cab which worked out FINE. We had a phone number to call in Beijing but the airport doesn't do calls for passengers. They assume you have a cellphone. Well, we do have one ... but not one that works outside of the U.S.
So we found an ATM at the airport to get some cash, asked the customer service desk write down the address of our hotel in Chinese, and went out front and found a cab.
That worked out just fine. In fact, our Viking guide (when we told him what had happened) reimbursed us for the cab fare on the spot.
So if you don't find a service to do a transfer, I think you will find that hailing a plain old cab will work out as fine for you as it did for us.

Thanks for the info. I am sure it would work out with no problem, but we are traveling with another couple and they have zero patience and spirit of adventure. We are on a tour, but transfers are not included because we did our own air. They would rather pay the price for the hotel pickup than deal with getting a cab, however easy everyone makes it sound. Since we will be sharing, the cost in the scheme of things is not outragous. This betterchinatrip is considerably less, but they do not want to leave anything to chance, which is why I am trying to find out more about them.

You do not need to arrange airport transfer to a hotel. I have been to Beijing numerous times. Just exchange some money at the numerous money exchange windows in the baggage area and follow the signs to the taxi area. It's very simple and will only cost about US $10.00 depending on where in Beijing you are going. Plus, you do not tip taxi drivers. I have never had a problem.

I, too, have been to Beijing many times and have had no difficulty with taking a taxi or a hotel shuttle into Beijing. As others have mentioned simply exchange your money at an ATM machine and go to the taxi stand. If you have the name of your hotel written in Chinese that would be helpful; but, if not, there usually is a person directing the line of people waiting for a taxi and they will ask where you want to go. Very, very easy. Also, many hotel web-sites have a section where you can print the name of the hotel and the address in Chinese for the sole purpose of getting around. At the hotel, be sure to pick up their business card in Chinese so that you have a copy if you leave the hotel and need a taxi for your return to the hotel. China is my favorite country. Marilyn

Thank you all. I will try to convince them.

When dealing with people who are ultra-cautious (to me your friends meet that description but perhaps I'm being unfair and if so I apologize), I can see why you would think it easier to do as they wish. But it's also very clear from the other posts that I'm not the only one who suggested a cab is fine. (Even two cabs!)
I gather that since you did your own air the tour group won't sell you a transfer under any circumstances? That seems rather unusual to me. Certainly most cruises that provide "free air" will sell you a transfer. Have you tried asking the tour outfit if they would do so?
Once upon a time we were on a Renaissance cruise that provided free air but we had booked our own. As it happened we were on a flight that had a lot of Renaissance passengers on it, and so we just walked onto the shuttle at the Athens Airport and had a free ride to our hotel. Back then they didn't really check. But if that hadn't been the case, we'd just have gotten a cab.
Good luck!