Belize and/or Guatemala

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My fiance and I, active travelers in our early 50's, are seeking a guided, approximately week-long tour in Belize and/or Guatemala for February 2018. I have traveled with a number of other hiking and walking groups, but can not seem to find a tour of this approximate length that is also reasonably priced. We are flexible on the precise number of days and level of activity subject to our wanting to be generally active rather than spending lots of time sitting (in transit or otherwise) and probably 9 days maximum (excluding transit from/to the US) due to our work schedule. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ms. Randi Morrison

We have traveled to Belize twice and had Adventure Life in Missoula, MT (1-800-344-6118) make arrangements for a semi-custom tour both times. If you go to their website, they have sample itineraries to look at. You can pick and choose the types of activities and places you would like to go. On the phone, email or web-messaging, you explain generally when and where you would like to go, then it becomes a question of availability. Belize tends to only have small resorts, and February is high season there. We split our time there between the jungle and the ocean, including a day-trip to Tikal on the second trip. I can't judge what you consider reasonably priced, but they have done a good job for us.

Thank you!

Meximayan, a family owned travel company connected with the Chicago Archaeological Association is doing a Belize/Guatemala trip in late January,2018 with a post trip to Ambergis Caye. I have traveled with MexiMayan several times and like that they attract archaeology afectionados,not just mainstream tourists.
the itinerary is at: