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BERLIN PRIVATE TOUR. We are looking for recommendations for a tour company and/or individual to help us plan and conduct a private 2 or 3-day tour of Berlin, Germany and surrounding area during May 2020. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Ed & Nancy,

We were in Berlin in April for 4 days before a river cruise; I booked a private tour of Potsdam through Viator....
BUT they used a "subcontractor" for the tour; it was by "a friend in Berlin"...........they offered other tours but we didn't do any other but if Josh was the guide I know they would be good. What we did do was book the 48 hour Hop On Hop Off bus and boat ride; it was great and well worth it; we do this a lot (take the Hop On Hop Off bus tour to get a feel for the city); I booked a tour of the Reistag building on line that was great--highly recommend this too and it's FREE; the only requirement is you cannot book it until 2 months before your arrival...i.e., you have to wait until April 202 to book it; if you want to email me I will give you the details, if you are interested..........let's see...what else?

See email I receive from "a friend in Berlin" :
your itinerary sounds good, you are all set for the first three days. Yes, a boat tour is nice, it takes about one hour and it leaves from different locations, from your hotel the best spot would be on Friedrichstraße. They also have 3.5 hour tours, making one large circle around the river and canals, but I find this one a little too long. Also, the whole thing is of course a lot nicer when the weather is nice. In April anything is possible. Alternatively, you may want to visit a museum. Berlin has fantastic museums. Consider the Neues Museum with a detour to see the Ishtar Gate (which is in the Pergamon which is closed, but the Ishtar Gate is nevertheless accessible).
For the last day, please wait until you tour with Josh. He will give you lots of ideas. One option would be a boat tour starting from Wannsee: they do 7-lake tours which are beautiful. You'll pass the spot on your way to Potsdam. You could go see the Concentration camp in Sachsenhausen. Other options: a bunker-tour, the Jewish Museum, a visit to the Olympic Stadium (or even the Olympic Village), a wa.lking tour around the Jewish Section in Mitte (with visits to Hackesche Höfe and Otto-Weidt-Museum), a visit to the DDR-Museum, or the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears on Friedrichstraße where border controls scrutinized people leaving for the West, a permanent exhibition today). Just a few ideas.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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