best time for travel to Africa

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I am trying to plan a trip to Africa and want to find the best month for travel. I would like to see the migration and would prefer the weather not be too hot. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

First, do you want to see the Northern or Southern Migration? If you want the Northern Migration( the one you saw on 60 Minutes ), you go in mid-late August to September; otherwise, December-January. August-september is the dry season, and it's equivalent to summer temperature here. It's a bit hotter in December-january and it's also the rainy season. But those trips are generally cheaper. I don't recommend them. Next, where do you want to go? and you don't fret about the temperature. You take whatever it is, because if you want to see the crossing, you grinned bear what you have to do to see it. Best place to see the migration and the crossing of the Mara River is in Kenya and/or Tanzania. But you can't be guaranteed of actually seeing the crossing. Sure, you'll see the great herds of wildebeest, but you have to spend significant time at the river to see a crossing and then it's hit and miss. There may be a couple of companies that will guarantee that you'll see the crossing, but they're likely geared to spend excessive time at the river so you'll see it, but it may be at the expense of something else.

We went in mid-August with OAT and we got lucky; we saw the migration and the crossing. Hope you have the good fortune to see it as well. It's surely is a sign to see.

Been 12 times.
High season (25% more $) begins June 1 so return home before then. Rainy season ends March begin mid April or after.
What you will find: comfortable days, cold nights, no mosquitos, occasional short light rain in Capetown where you MUST end your trip.
Good luck