Best time of year to tour Vietnam and Angkor Wat

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Recognizing that climate varies from north to south, what time of year is best to visit?

I went in early March 2016. Weather great in Vietnam. Very hot in Angkor Wat. But I think it is ALWAYS hot there.

I always like looking at when considering a trip. You can look up a city or country to find average weather, rain and other helpful information. I generally look up each city I plan to travel to and take a close look temperatures as well as average precipitation .

We just returned from Vietnam & Cambodia (March 2019). Coming from the U.S. Pacific NW it was warm but pleasant for us in Hanoi & Ha Long but very hot in S. Vietnam & especially Cambodia. One day it reached 102 F!

Nov, Dec, Jan. Feb

We were there in November 2018 and weather was great. No rain and not too hot.

When we did Viet Nam and Cambodia in October and November we were told that as the country is very long on a north/south axis, the weather is best at different times. Indeed, we were subjected to storms and had to be evacuated from flooding in Hoi An!