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Has anyone traveled with Bestway Tours & Safaris? I am thinking of using the company for a trip to southern Africa in 2018. I would like to know of your experience, good or bad.

We have taken 4 trips with Bestway. In each case, they had contracted with local travel agencies to conduct the trip. The first trip was to Iran (2000) and it was well done although the minivan provided was not well-maintained and did not have functioning air conditioning! We went to Egypt (in 2005) with them (my husband and I were the only travelers on this trip ) and were passed off to different travel agencies as we changed location. All were good, except in Cairo. We added on a trip to Jordan. We were provided with a driver/guide whose English was minimal and who seemed to know very little about the sites.

And lastly, we went to Colombia (2010). It was a poorly planned itinerary, we were continuously being handed off to new agencies, and they put us up in what I could only describe as a slightly upscale backpacker's hostel in Bogota whereas the itinerary had indicated we would be staying in what Trip Adviser described as a nice, more centrally located hotel.

I would never travel with them again.

Dear Dorothy,
I was in southern Africa in October and found that the time of the year can make a difference.
When I arrived for the safari on the 20th. everything was still brown from the winter and the viewing
was excellent. The next day we noticed a few green leaves and then some yellow flowers, and by the
last few days it was harder photograph the baby elephants because the grasses were taller, just to give
you an idea. We saw the big five and many more interesting animals.
On the other hand this was the dry season on Victoria Falls.
I think it is a great area to visit any time of the year and each season will have special highlights
but this was my experience. I loved this trip.

Thank you to Sonia and Marian for you helpful comments and insights.