British Airways Frequent Flyer

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<p>I have British Airways Frequent Flyer rewards program, which is now Avios.&nbsp;&nbsp; I am having a very difficult time redeeming miles for air travel and everything else that they offer.&nbsp;&nbsp; The air taxes from Heathrow Airport are also high.&nbsp; I have a credit card with British and the only reason&nbsp;for&nbsp;that is because I do not want my miles to expire.&nbsp; I am also happy to use/trade points so I can clear the account.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thanks.</p>

We were in the same situation a few years ago.  We could book travel on BA but the fuel surcharges and taxes were sky high ($1780 for 2 business class tickets to Moscow).  We got rid of the remainder of those miles by using them on domestic Amercan Airlines flights.  Even then we had to use more miles from BA than we would have if we had used American miles.  

I agree with both of you that there are negatives to the British Air rewards program.  And I've never enjoyed paying their very high fuel surcharges and taxes.  But one big positive is that it is the only program that offers a "household account" whereby several people in your household can contribute to the same BA mileage account when they fly.  So,when either of us fly on American airlines (a partner) those miles go into one single British Air household account.  This has helped us a lot.  Though I must admit, if I had to close out one account, it would probably be the British Airways due to the fuel charges/taxes issue.

Use your Avios points for hotels rather than air on the BA website.  They have great international destinations. I did that and got 4 nights in the Ginza district in Tokyo. Free.Much better use of points.