Car and Driver in England

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My wife and I need a car/driver, car/guide/driver or just a driver and a rental car for a one week tour of Devon and Cornwall in southwest England. We could base out of Exeter or other city easily accessible from London.

We will be spending a few days in May in Cornwall at the end of a trip to France. We wanted to hire a driver/guide for this journey. We researched various possibilities in the ITN archives and contacted Anton Prole of Midway Motor Travel. All of the past information we read about him was extraordinarily positive. His website is: and he can be reached at email at

Thanks! We will definitely follow up with Midway Motor Travel. And do have a great trip in May. It should be super weather. Travel tip: watch for the full moon on May 10.

For driver / guide try Simply Nice Tours,
or Lets Tour England.
The good guides are usually booked 6 months in advance, but you may be lucky depending on your dates.

Thanks, Samiam, for some good suggestions!