Car and Driver India

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<p>Can anyone recommend a car-and-driver company in India?</p>

Are you touring India?  Going to specific places or one city?If touring, Sita Tours is a large touring company that has drivers and tour guides  

Contact Indian Panorama  http://www.indianpanorama.inI've traveled with them to Tamil Nadu & Kerala, Gujarat, and Karnataka & Maharashtra always using a car & driver.  We found the drivers to be knowledgeable, friendly and safe drivers in the craxy Indian traffic, and the cars were always clean & comfortable.  

I've used Swagatam Tours  (their main office is in Delhi and they have others throught India) for about 8 years for custom trips.  They are a good outfit, have excellent itineraries, are willing to work with you to organize what you wish and take credit cards.   The website is:  There was an excellent article  on Swagatam Tours in the June 2010 issue of ITN - here is the link:

It's pretty safe to say that every hotel, tourist info office, & travel agency will find this for you, if it doesn't have one/some on staff. Can hire for few hours or a few weeks.  Cost per day varies with distance & size of car needed/desired & is lower than you'd expect.  Check the tires, & for hires of more than a day get clear info re inclusion (the usual) of gas, tolls, driver's expenses, etc. I've hired quite a few, & all drivers have been v. competent/lucky, courteous, accommodating. They all hope for good tips & to be called again.  I always pay at tea stops & almost always for meals on the road.  Experienced drivers know to ask about hotels' available driver concessions (lodging, meals, showers).