catching a 6am flight in Istanbul

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<p>Does anyone have advice for catching a 6am flight in Istanbul? Taxi's OK for this? Reliable? Is there transit in Istanbul? Should I book into a hotel close to the airport for the night prior? </p>

There is an airporter bus that goes to some of the hotels. Don't know what time it starts running but for a 6am flight, it would have to be an all night operation. Taxi's are ubiquitous in Istanbul and the good thing is you will have little traffic at the hour you need to leave and will probably have a glorious look at this fabulous city in the wee small hours. I recall it is an hour or so out to the airport. Might make sense to get a hotel close by but hate to give up even a moment extra in Istanbul itself, myself.
Sounds like six of one and half dozen of another what ever choice you make. What a lucky problem!


We stayed in the Sultanhamet area at the White House Hotel, which by the way, was excellent. See Trip Advisor's reviews.
We advised the front desk 24 hours in advance to arrange for a taxi. No problem. Early in the morning there were very few cars on the road. From that area I believe it took us about forty to forty-five minutes. The Carol Jean (?) Coffee Shop at the airport charged $23 for two large coffees/two muffins. Total ripoff. The hotel had offered to have something ready for us to eat, which we should have done. Ask if your hotel doesn't suggest it. I agree not to miss a minute by staying at the airport.