Ch'an Sites in China

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<p>Interested in visiting sites related to ch&#39;an/zen&#39;s six partriarchs early 2015. &nbsp;Luoyang, Shaolin, Handan, Wuhan, Shaoguan and Guangzhou areas. &nbsp;Does anyone have ideas or leads?</p>

I used China Womens Travel Service  (  for a week-long custom trip to Qufu, Shandong Province to visit  Confucian sites. They are very good at custom tours.    They provided all transfers, accommodation, car/drivers, licensed guides and even garganuan meals and were very reasonable in cost.   I selected them as they handle  local arrangements for Buddhist art tours for various museums.    They were excellent.Their website has become more complicated, but if you send them an email with your  dates and interests (be sure to mention you want to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites), they will send you a suggested itinerary that you can tweek to your interests.