Charles deGaule Airport

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<p>Has anyone been to CDG airport recently? Has signage improved. I have 1 1/2 hours to make a connection. I think plane arrives in Terminal 2E and departs from Terminal 2F. Thanks </p>

There are good maps of Terminal 2 on Google. If you can visualize what you are supposed to do before you get there it helps. You can walk from E to F by following the signs that say Correspondence. Don't go out of security or 1/12 hours will not be enough time.
Good Luck!

I went thru CDG in February on my way to India. Signage was still bad, leading thru small corridors that you think must be the wrong way, but somehow you get to the right place. 1 1/2 hrs. seems about right to transit from one terminal to ather. Dont be surprised if you have to take a bus part of the way.

Signage is a lot better than when it first opened. But this whole airport remains a nightmare. Hate it, but still like the food and fresh baked breads on Air France if I have the choice to fly them and need to connect somewhere which puts me into CDG.
There is a good airport website that was very helpful finding ways to navigate this nightmare. If you keep orienting yourself to the central transition connector walkway where the "Gare" sign is for the trains to town and where the airport hotel is you can at least find its center and then decide which pod you need to go to next. Heaven help you if you need to make a quick connection.
Our worst experience was taxiing out of the airport on our way to Naples Italy on a smaller plane and the plane actually got lost finding the runway and was cheered when it finally ended up in the right place. It had to back-track out of a cul de sac runway. Real confidence building there.

I re-read and see that you are going from 2F to 2E (ha, at least you think so now -- don't be so sure!) but in this case do not look for the center Gare (SCNF) signs and find instead the direct walkway between 2E and 2F, which should be a lot easier between these two terminals.
But if in doubt, take a bit longer walk and do find the Gare signs in that central walkway between the two main pods. And typically we always ended up in different locations than when first promised and even after landing or the gate we were supposed to go to got changed.
Check and double check and check again for all gates and connection updates. And check again when you get to the gate, if you can find anyone there. You may get nothing but attitude and condenscension if you dare ask at any other gate about where is the gate person and when will they show up and when for goodness sakes will they change the sign to your connecting flight, since it leaves in the next 5 minutes. And it did but don't think they ever changed the sign, just verbally announced the departure at that gate.
Plus the gate to Naples always seems to be down a huge flight of stairs (be ready to carry and not roll any carryon) after a long walk past every single number gate until they end and leave you wondering where else you can go. Well, go down the unmarked steps to a lower area of totally unmarked or mismarked gates. But hey, this was still 100% better than when they opened and they had no signs or even clocks to tell you how late you would be in your connections across this vast unsigned expanse.